Family Portrait Session at Andrew Haydon Park, Ottawa

I received a call from a family friend asking if I was available to photograph the families of her two children. The only catch was that the two families were in town for one day as one of the families was had just arrived a day earlier from the UK, and was flying out the next day to live in a new country. I was warned that the grandchildren would be jet lagged and likely grumpy, and it was the morning after I had returned from my own family vacation... challenge accepted!

The other potential hiccup was the uncertainty of the weather. You see, it has rained almost every day, and the weekends were a sure bet to be a little soggy.

Luckily though, the morning was beautiful, albeit a wee bit buggy, and the grandchildren were incredible. Today I share Krista and Neal's photos from the session.

As a father of two energetic young boys, I can't stress enough how important it is to capture the precious moments we encounter as our families grow and develop. Whether it's during a conversation over breakfast, on a simple walk through the neighbourhood, or three days into a summer road trip, you're sure to experience moments that should be captured and cherished forever.

While it's unlikely that I'll be at your breakfast table or on your family vacation, although I'm always happy to tag along, I would love to capture priceless moments of your family that are meant to be shared in photo books and display in large print on your walls. Lets chat.