Image courtesy of my son just before he turned five.

Image courtesy of my son just before he turned five.

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in my work.

As you may already know, my name is Shane Francescut. My Italian father wanted to name me Bruno, my Canadian Cowgirl mother wanted to name me Jesse, so they somehow settled on Shane. 

I'm a country boy who grew up surrounded by horses and dogs, but now calls Ottawa Canada home with my beautiful wife and two energetic young boys who help keep life in perspective. I spent my winters making the cold trek to the end of my long country driveway to catch the bus to school, making epic snow forts, and wrestling in the deep snow with my German Shepherd companion. I spent my summers getting lost in fields of corn, hiking along dirt roads and laying under maple and willow trees watching the wind blow through the leaves.

I am a portrait and documentary-style photographer who loves to capture the essence of the moment, no matter what the occasion. I strive to create bold and timeless images that my clients can fondly look back on time and time again. I seek out interesting ways to tell the stories of the people and places I photograph. My goal is to always bring out the best in my clients, a side they may not have known they had. 

It would truly be an honour to work with you whether your needs are for corporate, personal or lifestyle. Together we can make something special, something that we'll both be proud of, something memorable. 

If you'd like to discuss an upcoming project such as portraits, weddings or events please drop me a line at or fill in the form below... both options end up in the same place. I'm also a bit of a social butterfly and would love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook, so don't be shy to say hello over there as well. 

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