Photographing Chef Paul Dubeau

As a relative newcomer to Ottawa, my professional network can be likened to that of the draft prospects of a pro sports team that has missed the playoffs for several years. That is, non-existent and in a constant state of rebuild. 

Having said that, my research and networking around my new city has happily led to a few things, one being a new project with the Bytown Chefs Collective (BCC). The group is made up of seven of the best young chefs in Ottawa who pool their talents to stage fundraising events that support charities throughout the region.

I'll be spending the next several months photographing each of the chefs both in their respective kitchens, and together as a group. Unlike other chef collaborations who each bring their best dishes to the table, this group works together and prepares the whole meal as a team.

First up is Paul Dubeau who runs no less than five kitchens in the city. Four of his kitchens belong to each of the Clocktower Brew Pubs scattered throughout Ottawa, and the one we met and photographed at belongs to Stella Osteria, a modern Italian restaurant located in the trendy Byward Market

Here are a few more images from the shoot...